Are you looking for a roofing expert that can handle a wide range of projects? We are the best roofers in Takanini as our ranking suggests and have been providing quality services for the past twenty years. Our customers have written back providing positive feedback all the time because of our dedication to serve them. Look at our portfolio and see for yourself that we have handled all types of projects including those whose complexities you cannot envision. Furthermore, we are licensed and certified by all leading manufacturers as excellent pre and post installer of the best roofing products.

roofers in Takanini

We are able to achieve these goals because of the trained roofers that work for us. We handle new roof building & construction projects, roof repairs and roof maintenance equally well. Our artisans specialize in different types of roofs including clay, tiles, and metal roofs. We will match your roofing needs with Takanini roofing experts whose speciality is exactly what you want. We focus on guiding our clients first before providing any services. You can roofing Takaninibe assured that choosing us is the right thing to do especially because we are able to meet and exceed customer expectations.

To be the best roofing experts in Takanini, we’ve had to invest in acquiring an expansive range of modern roofing materials and products such as UPVC gutters & spouts, full flashings in lead & copper as well as tiles, slate and fastenings of the highest quality. This allows us to provide versatile solutions as well as respond promptly to emergency calls. In addition, we have a team of skilled roofers most of whom have been with us since we started. This coupled with respect for customers and dedication to service guarantees our continued success.